Creative performance goals

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Setting yourself a goal to ‘be more creative’ or ‘make more art’ might not have the impact you hope for. Large, vague and immeasurable goals may not help with motivation on a consistent or daily basis because if you can’t measure what ‘being more creative’ actually means, how do you know if you’re achieving it or not?

Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschäppeler in The Decision Book ask if you are pursuing the right goal: “If you set yourself greats, you should distinguish between final goals and performance goals. A final goal might be ‘I want to run a marathon’; a performance goal helps you achieve this aim, for example ‘I will go jogging for thirty minutes every morning’.”

A specific creative performance goal might look like ‘I will draw something on A5 paper once a day’ or ‘I will spend 10 minutes every day making art.’ Because these goals are more tangible and easy to measure, you’ll be more likely to be motivated to continue and commit to making art on a regular basis. Let go of big unmeasurable and vague goals and instead, choose simpler and easier to achieve performance goals to allow your creativity to flow.