The creative process to explore self-discovery

“While humans seek many different ways to make sense of the world, the creative process offers a vehicle to explore self-discovery in a beautifully universal and tangible way. The act of creating something out of nothing, whether it’s a painting, poetry, or any other form of expression, gives us a chance to make the invisible visible, while potentially learning potent life lessons. Whether you call it inspiration, the muse, God, consciousness, or simply flow, this relationship to something greater than ourselves invites a sense of curiosity and wonder. It also offers the much-needed gifts of presences, growth and connection.” — Flora Bowley, Creative Revolution

We need to connect more

“We need to connect more. We choose not to. It’s a choice, everything’s a choice. That’s what we’re choosing to do. We’re choosing not to. We’re in a Tinder world, a throw-away world. A world where actually deep connection is something that’s almost becoming avoided just because there is so much able connection that isn’t really with meaning. Those things are compromising us as human beings.”

– Emma Kenny, interview on Under the Skin Podcast #40: How to Be Spiritually Healthy in Damaged Times