A simple art materials list

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The best art materials are always the ones around you right now. There’s no need to go out and buy new when first starting out because you don’t need much to start making marks and most likely you already have the necessary materials. Gregory Brown wrote How to Draw Trees┬áin 1947 but the materials advice is still as relevant today. The following 4 items are recommended to get started:

“1. Sketch-book.

2. Eraser: Though it is better not to rub out, it is sometimes necessary.

3. Pencils: A good pencil is never an extravagance.

4. Stool: … Don’t try to draw standing up as it is difficult to have proper control over your pencil.”

You can simply this list even further to just 2 items: paper and pencil. It really is that simple. Anything beyond that is just flourish when it comes to making marks.