The small a of art and pedestals

The Sparkle Experiment small creative play equals connection

Could your version of what art is be limiting your creativity? If you believe you need talent and skill to get started making art, think again. If you place “art” high up on an unreachable pedestal, it will be harder to fight the disappointment if your art falls short and that disappoint might eventually discourage you to try again. Let’s be honest, most artwork will fall short of a masterpiece atop an unreachable pedestal!

Danny Gregory in Art Before Breakfast explains the difference between capital “A” Art and small “a” art: “Art with a big “A” is for museums, galleries, critics and collectors. art with a small “a” is for the rest of us… Art takes Art School and Talent and years of Suffering and Sacrifice. art just takes desire and 15 minutes a day.”

If you have the desire and 15 minutes a day then you too have permission to make something. Get rid of your pedestals by embracing the small a of art.