Reviewing art as a tool to reflect on creativity

The Sparkle Experiment small creative play equals connection

Regularly reviewing art we make helps hone our tastes and reflect on the art making process. Consider displaying a ‘successful’ piece of art in a prominent spot you spend time daily at like the bathroom mirror or kitchen. These regularly visited spaces prompt you more often to think about your art and reflect why you feel it’s successful.

Is there it one particular mark that seem full of confidence? A cluster of dots that intrigues you? A colour next to a line that you particularly like? Or it could just be a reminder of how it felt being creative. By noticing the small details, you may start to notice other ‘successful’ areas or marks in other art you initially thought wasn’t good.

Art doesn’t have to be a masterpiece to move us. It can be a fun and uplifting tool to help reflect on your creativity.