Savour being a beginner

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As you begin to make art as an adult, very quickly you can become focussed on producing ‘better’ art, which can take you away from out enjoying the experience of making. But being a beginner may actually allow you to be more creative.

Because you haven’t yet learnt ‘the rules’ of art — rules if you follow you believe are a surer way to create ‘good’ art — you are open to more possibilities and experiences. Shaun McNiff in Imagination in Action explains “Beginners, or experience artists engaging in new media, might even have certain advantages in terms of fresh responses not as constrained by habit and expectations. Where skill and experience play important roles in the total process of expression, they may have limiting features in relation to an overall scheme of creativity valuing new responses.”

Savour being a beginner. Make the most of being free of the rules and constraints that artists put on themselves. Embrace the uncertainty and newness of it all and go make your rule-free messy art!