Don’t miss out on the fun

The Sparkle Experiment small creative play equals connection

Making art as a kid was all about having fun. You were creative all the time and there was no need to make something valuable, masterful or sellable. As adults, we forget about making art for fun and the joy it used to bring us. If we try making art again, it can stirr up concerns about being ‘good’ creativity, being productive and judgement from others and yourself.

It feels more complex now you’re older but Jenny Doh in Art Saves encourages “If you take yourself too seriously, you might miss all the fun… fun is a critical part of the artistic life.” By making fun your only measure of success, you allow freedom from self-judgement, one of the major creativity blockers. Being creative is not about making a perfected pretty picture or making art that looks like another artists best work. It’s about making marks, making mistakes and letting your imagination loose. Allowing fun to guide you into a world of unperfected messy possibilities will result in unexpected and exciting discoveries and that sounds a lot more interesting.